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February 3, 2016

Letchworth Hall Hotel weddings with bride and groom

“The photos are fantastic, can’t thank you enough.  John has expressed to me how much he liked you and how easy you made the “posing”. Thank you for documenting our special day.”

Letchworth Hall Hotel Weddings

Letchworth Hall Hotel weddings are always a pleasure, especially if it’s a friend’s wedding. Caroline is my book-keeper, and is brilliant at sorting out the piles of scrap paper that I give her every month to decipher and put into some semblance of useful order. As far as my business goes, we have no secrets. I am an open book.

As well as balancing books, Caroline is a natural arbitrator, always looking for the balances in life. Together she and John now balance two grown up families, all of whom adore each other – a well balanced equation.

My challenge for weddings at Letchworth Hall Hotel was to balance the beautiful bright shafts of sunshine pouring into the dark hall. I also juggle being visible and invisible while photographing Letchworth Hall weddings, but always tipping the balance towards being totally present in the moment, to accurately document a beautiful wedding day story. We were lucky with the weather, and had an joyous day of bright sunshine, with everybody happy to spill out of the hotel onto the terrace at the back to grab some rays. Caroline and John were brilliant in front of the camera, overcoming their camera shyness to giggle and cuddle for their portrait session. A very well balanced couple!

Here’s their sunny wedding day story.

Letchworth Hall Hotel exterior weddings guests at Letchworth Hall Hotel black and white of guests greeting Groom and son talking Letchworth Hall Hotel wedding ceremony room with guests Wedding guests laughing Portrait of thoughtful groom Bridesmaids enter the ceremony in red dresses Bride enters wedding ceremony at Letchworth Hall Hotel on the arm of her son bride smiles at groom as she wals up the aisle a tearful bridesmaid The groom places the ring on the brides finger It's a tight fit! The bride places the ring on the groom's finger The first kiss as a married couple Letchworth Hall Hotel weddings with happy guests guests photograph the couple signing the register the couple walk down the aisle as everyone applauds smiling as they walk down the aisle the couple are greeted by their daughters the couple walk out onto the terrace at Letchworth Hall Hotel in bright sunshine the couple are greeted by relatives the couple are greeted by guests detail of beading on the bride's dress Letchworth Hall Hotel wedding venue exterior portrait of the bride and groom smiling the couple are backlit by sunshine in the garden at Letchworth Hall Hotel happy portraits of the couple confetti throwing in the garden of Letchworth Hall Hotel

Do get in touch if you think we’d be a good fit for your Letchworth Hall Hotel wedding.

Weddings at Letchworth Hall Hotel

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