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December 3, 2015


Isle of Wight Weddings - boats on the Solent

“We couldn’t be happier – both with the photos and in them! Can’t wait to share them with everyone, they’re perfect!” Jack and Julie

Isle of Wight weddings

We travel a lot these days. It’s easy – we hop an a plane, boat or train and we are transported to another place, another life. I love it, and happily travel wherever and whenever I can. This time we were travelling across the Solent to the Isle of Wight for my godson Jack’s wedding to Julie, and I was a guest and photographer all rolled into one for the weekend. Can’t say I do a lot of Isle of Wight weddings, but this is one I didn’t want to miss the ferry for!

Jack travels the world with his work and had not long returned from a month in Fiji where Julie had been able to join him for a short time. Jack’s brother has moved to France, and in a year or so will be followed by their mum and dad. Julie’s mum is French Canadian, and many of their guests had also come from places afar. In fact the wedding reception had a distinctly French theme, with fantastic picnic hampers to share on each table, full of delicious French specialities to eat.

We travel through life so quickly. Jack’s dad, John, was my best man at our wedding, and we have all been friends since we were teenagers at school together. Seems like only yesterday. Jack and Julie have started their life’s journey together and with all my heart I wish them a safe and happy lifelong trip. With their sense of fun and laughter, they are in for a fantastic time together.

Here are some of their highlights from their very happy day.

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Do have a look at Jack and Julie’s Wedding Photofilm

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