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September 30, 2015

Oak Room Wedding photographer

“I really can’t thank you enough for producing such wonderful photos but also for adding to the fun of our wedding day. I didn’t expect to see friends and family after the wedding and to be getting compliments about our photographer!” Kim and Andrew

Without doubt, part of our remit is to help our couples enjoy their wedding day. As photographers, we have a very close relationship with our couples, both in the months and weeks before, and even more so on the day. We liaise with everyone to make sure things go smoothly – the obvious people being the Master of Ceremonies, the event managers, the catering staff, the ceremony officiants, the florists, make up hair stylists and so on. We are often the messengers and runners, linking one side of the event to the other, delivering hair pins and missing bouquets and bottles of water, and ensuring the energy levels are well maintained. We’ve been doing this for many years, and we know where our couples should be at almost any given moment of the day.

Of course, all this gentle guidance happens behind the scenes – we are like ducks – serene on top, paddling like mad underneath. It takes a lot of energy on everyone’s part to put on a good show, and on the day there is nothing we won’t do for our couples. Which doesn’t mean I’m singing and dancing – well, not all the time. I’m doing my job, documenting the day, but with positive energy, (everything is possible) and always, always with a smile. Brocket Hall Oak Room Weddings like Kim and Andrew’s, are a delight for everyone – there’s lot’s of room, good light, and we are part of a big team of people all focussed on giving the best possible experience.

Brocket Hall Oak Room Weddings bouquetBrocket Hall Oak Room photography

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Brocket Hall Oak Room Weddings

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