Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings | Corinne and Marc

January 5, 2016

Bassmead Manor Barns weddings

Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings

Long before they even dreamed of Bassmead Manor Barns weddings, Corinne and Marc go way back, right back to primary school in fact. They were friends there, and kept in touch right up to university, where they finally realised that they couldn’t be without each other. Although Corinne studied contemporary dance at Leeds Uni (cue the perfect First Dance!) and Marc was at Lincoln studying sports management, they were still very much a couple. They are very much an outdoor couple in fact, which is why Bassmead Manor Barns in Cambridgeshire is the perfect place for their wedding. They travelled extensively round Australia soon after graduating, and a few years later in 2014, having hidden the ring until just the right moment, Marc got down on bended knee in the snow in Iceland and proposed, with the Northern Lights glowing above them. And here we are today at their fab wedding in Cambridgeshire.

Corinne and Marc’s ceremony took place in the somewhat alarmingly named Rickety Barn – 300 years old and still standing – which is probably indicative of Bassmead Manor Barns weddings not taking themselves too seriously. The rain held off enough to have some family groups photographed, and we even had enough time before the next shower to wander off and use the stunning landscape as a backdrop for some couples portraits. The landscape really is lovely here, with gardens and courtyards, a bridge or two, and open farmland just beyond. A perfect setting for a relaxed wedding, some gentle portraits, and a very happy day.


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You can see a slideshow of Corinne and Marc’s wedding here.

Corinne’s stunning dress is by Ronald Joyce

Corinne’s flower design is by Alison Dyche at Wildwood Floral Events

Corinne’s hair and make up design is by Kayleigh Roberts

Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings

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