Ashridge House Weddings | Sara and Kieran

January 21, 2016

Ashridge House Weddings

“Thank you so much for your stunning photos – they capture each moment beautifully. What a wonderful reminder of the day!” Sara and Kieran

Ashridge House Weddings

Every couple getting married wishes for a spectacular wedding. Ashridge House weddings can’t be anything other than spectacular both from the outside and from the interior. Sara and Kieran had arranged for the interior to be lit, something that hadn’t been done before, with strong primary colours to accentuate the bold architecture of the staircase and galleries. Transformed from the weekday corporate training facility, Ashridge House weddings transport you to a Harry Potteresque experience. In fact the present house is regarded as one of the finest examples of early Gothic Revival architecture and is now a Grade I listed building. This was all enhanced by The Spicy Piper, who piped people in and people out of various parts of the day, while on MC duties too.

Spectacle is what a wedding is all about, whether it’s a large or small celebration. One way or another, a couple getting married have the ceremony in front of at least two witnesses, a celebrant, and hopefully some family and friends. Everyone present at the wedding is there to support the couple, celebrate their love for each other, and actually watch them get married – that’s the spectacle. We are all witnesses. My task is to accurately document every aspect of the day, so that the fabulous spectacle of weddings at Ashridge House are remembered through my photographs.

We mustn’t forget the spectacle of the couple themselves. Sara looked spectacular in her Emma Louise wedding dress, and the groom and his groomsmen looked great in classic morning suits. And of course everyone likes to dress up for a wedding – it’s definitely an occasion at which to be seen!

Here is Sara and Kieran’s story at their spectacular Ashridge House wedding venue.


Ashridge House Weddings Ashridge House Weddings Sara 4 Sara 5 Sara 6 Sara 7 Sara 8 Sara 9 Sara 10 Sara 11 Sara 12 Sara 13 Sara 14 Sara 15 Sara 16 Sara 17 Sara 18 Sara 19 Sara 20 Sara 21 Sara 23 Sara 24 Sara 25 Sara 26 Sara 27 Sara 28 Sara 29 Sara 30 Sara 31 Sara 32 Sara 33 Sara 34 Sara 35 Sara 36 Sara 37 Sara 38 Sara 40 Sara 41 Sara 42 Sara 43 Sara 44 Sara 45 Sara 46 Sara 47 Sara 48 Sara 49 Sara 50 Sara 51 Sara 52 Sara 53 Sara 54 Sara 55 Sara 56 Sara 57 Sara 58 Sara 59 Sara 60 Sara 61 Sara 62 Sara 63 Sara 64 Sara 65 Sara 66 Sara 67 Sara 68 Sara 69 Sara 70 Sara 71 Sara 72 Sara 73 Sara 74 Sara 75 Sara 76 Sara 77 Sara 78 Sara 79 Sara 80 Sara 81 Sara 82 Sara 83 Sara 84 Sara 85 Sara 86 Sara 87

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Sara’s dress is by Emma Louise Design

Sara’s flowers are by Elly at Wild Ivy

The Highland Piper The Spicey Piper

Ashridge House Weddings

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