Thank you for visiting Steve Shipman’s website. This site is an archive and celebration of Steve’s work, who sadly died in June 2018.

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This short film about Steve and his life's work was made by photographer Neale James in 2017. 

I am a full-time professional wedding photographer and I started my career photographing people for magazines, and built my reputation for beautiful and consistently well-executed photography. I worked for magazines including The Sunday Times, You, Radio Times, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Top Gear and many more quality publications. I’m very proud to have several classic black and white portraits included in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection in London.

About fifteen years ago I photographed a friend’s wedding for the first time on a new digital camera. It was a revelation. With documentary wedding photography, I realised I could record your wedding day in a fun and lively way, discreet but creative, with a nod to my magazine work, and with images composed for the pages of beautiful wedding albums. I never looked back, and now thoroughly enjoy recording each wedding in a spontaneous and natural way, producing classic and contemporary images for stylish couples who value fine photography.

I am passionate about people, beauty and ceremony, and I am completely inspired by love – the love you have for each other, the love for you by your families, and the gathering of all your loved ones to witness your marriage. I have been happily married for over thirty years, I have two beautiful daughters, and I understand the importance of family.

My documentary wedding photography is balanced with gorgeous contemporary portraits. I hope you’ll see in my images how comfortable people are when they’re in front of my camera.

That is where I come from, photographically, a sensitive and honest recorder of life events, always present in the moment, and a creative and imaginative contemporary wedding photographer of beautiful brides, handsome grooms and lovely people at weddings.

PS I also like walking our dog, Bracken, (well, he walks us…) drinking good red wine, strong coffee, and reading crime novels. I have an ever-growing collection of photography books. We watch a lot of films and I love to cook. I’m a Libran – it’s all a question of balance.