Woburn Sculpture Gallery Weddings | Eva and Steve

March 7, 2016


Woburn Sculpture Gallery Weddings

Eva and Steve’s winter wedding was blessed with amazing weather, something you tend not to worry too much about if you’ve chosen to have a wedding during the cold and dark winter months. But it’s always a bonus if the sun shines, and today it did, throwing everything into sharp relief with the low light and long shadows.

Eva and Steve are good friends of Carissa and Sam, whose wedding I photographed at St Paul’s Walden Bury last year. Carissa was one of Eva’s bridesmaids and was brilliant (as a now experienced bride!) in helping to keep the day moving, especially when it came to photographing the family groups – I didn’t realise her voice would carry so far!

The ceremony was at St Mary’s Church in Redbourn, a church I know well and a beautiful setting for a ceremony. Steve’s dad was his Best Man, and they were ready and waiting for Eva’s arrival. And she looked gorgeous, wearing a bespoke dress from Marshmallow Bride here in sunny St Albans.

Their reception was at the spectacular wedding venue that is The Sculpture Gallery Woburn. Woburn Sculpture Gallery weddings are among my favourites – the venue has a beautiful interior looking out onto landscaped grounds which rise past a lake to fields facing the setting sun. We had two bites at the cherry with the couple’s portraits – it’s too good an opportunity to miss as the wedding car arrives at The Sculpture Gallery and stops in front of Woburn Abbey. Later on, with the sun low on the horizon, we ventured out in to the chilly air for some more but softer and gentler portraits.

Some emotional speeches and a spectacularly choreographed first dance brought our part of the day to a close, but the party went on. A fabulous day to remember for all of us.

Here is Eva and Steve’s story.

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Here is Eva and Steve’s wedding slideshow

Eva’s make up is by Chloe Hiskett

The very entertaining sleight of hand artist was Dean Maudsley

Flowers are by Wild Orchid

Another recent wedding I shot at St Mary’s, Redbourn is Lisa and Alex’s

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