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Liz and Sui | Pre-wedding Portraits | London

There’s a good chance that Liz and Sui’s wedding will be a little drier than their pre-wedding portraits – it’s in Italy, and I’m going with them! Today, however, undaunted, we went out in the rain to get used to the camera, and explored Highbury Fields in London, before jumping in the car to go down to Smithfield Market, for a bit more shelter. We drank a lot of coffee that day too!

I have used a new set of digital filters on these images which give them a little bit more of the look and feel of film – contrast, colour and grain. Several of these, I think, could be stills from a movie. It’s all part of telling the story, of the portrait session, of the wedding, of the lives and loves of my lovely clients.

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Georgina and Chris | Pre-wedding Portraits

I often say to my clients that it rarely rains all day, which is true, even for London weddings! But on the day of Georgina and Chris’ pre-wedding shoot, it rained, and rained, and rained. We got wet. But it added another dimension to the shoot, and I think it was a better session for it – we were thinking on our feet, running from one shelter to another, dodging the raindrops.

Georgina and Chris live in Shoreditch, the same area where I had my studio, so it was good to be back in my old stamping ground, and also to see how much has changed – there’s a lot more good coffee around now! So this was a very urban portrait session which I thoroughly enjoyed – it’s good to have a few rough edges to add drama to an image. And there’s passion here too.

Here are a few favourites from the day.


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Katie and Darren | Pre-wedding Portraits

Katie and Darren’s London wedding ceremony will be in the beautiful West London Synagogue, and to get them both comfortable in front of the camera we headed into the smoke, starting off at The Serpentine in Hyde Park. These guys needed no encouragement, they were full of confidence already, even breaking into a dance routine in Exhibition Road!

Darren even managed to talk his way past the porters and up to the Windows Restaurant at the top of the Hilton! What a view! So, some fun photos with a fun couple – can’t wait for their wedding!

Here are some favorites…


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