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January 7, 2016

St Paul's Walden Bury Wedding

“You have done a wonderful job; wow! We will be eternally grateful!” Carissa and Sam

A St Paul’s Walden Bury Wedding

And the rhythm of life is a powerful beat,
Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet,
Rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street,
Yes, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat.

Rhythm plays a big part in our lives. We get up, travel to work, work, travel home, catch up with the current box set, eat something and sleep. Pretty much the same most days. Weekends and holidays have a different rhythm, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

And then something momentous happens, a marriage for example. That changes the rhythm of life in one fell swoop. New patterns emerge, different habits form, a spring in the step on the way to work. A different box set perhaps. We all have a rhythm within us, and we adjust the beat according to our moods, experiences, and those around us who are part of our lives. It can be a new rhythm each day, and it can be a challenge to keep in time with new circumstances.

Carissa is already a beat ahead, having a dad as a rock drummer in the group Emerson Lake and Palmer. Keeping a steady rhythm is how he rolls, and Carissa and Sam have already settled into a new rhythm after their fabulous wedding day. Their St Paul’s Walden Bury wedding was beautifully tempered, with everything their guests needed to enjoy a wonderful celebration. Even St Paul’s Walden Bury weddings have a rhythm of their own – the grounds are a celebrated Grade I listed landscape garden, laid out in the early 18th century, extending to 50 acres. There are long avenues through immaculately clipped hedges leading to temples, statues, lake and ponds. Guests can stroll quietly, or as Sam had arranged, they can career crazily around in golf buggies.

Here is their wedding day story.

St Paul's Walden Bury Wedding Photography St Paul's Walden Bury Wedding St-Paul's-Waldenbury-4 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-5 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-6 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-7 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-8 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-9 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-10 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-11 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-12 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-13 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-14 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-15 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-16 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-17 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-18 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-19 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-20 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-21 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-22 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-23 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-24 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-25 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-26 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-27 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-28 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-29 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-30 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-31 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-32 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-33 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-34 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-35 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-36 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-37 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-38 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-39 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-40 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-41 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-42 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-43 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-44 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-45 St-Paul's-Waldenbury-46

If you like my style of photography, I’d love to hear about your wedding day style. Do get in touch!

St Paul’s Walden Bury Wedding Venue

Carissa and Bridesmaid’s dresses – Caroline Couture

Marquee – Tophat Marquees
Flowers – Lanshire Floral Design
Make-up – Candice Roberts
Order of Service/Thank you cards – Foto Fusion
Golf buggies – Oliver’s buggy hire
Band – Fully Funktional
Buses – PPH
Videographer – Full Circle productions
Rings – Amanda Mansell
Wine and champagne – Nigel Strofton

Emerson Lake and Palmer

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