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December 9, 2015

St Paul's Cathedral Weddings

“Thank you so much for our photos they are amazing! It certainly captures the fun and all our weird and wonderful family and friends! Thank you so much for being our photographers we had an absolute ball!”

St Paul’s Cathedral Weddings are always very special, despite the absolute restriction on photography. Once the ceremony is underway, I have to step out of the OBE Chapel and wait until the bride and groom sign the registers. Well, it’s disappointing not being able to do what I do, but a St Paul’s Cathedral wedding is a spectacular event by anyone’s standards, and it’s a privilege even to be there for a wedding ceremony.

This was a very smart military wedding for Anna and Barney. Barney serves as a sergeant in the Royal Marines and has completed six operational tours abroad. He and his groomsmen looked fabulous in their dress uniforms and arrived for his St Paul’s wedding in time both to have a beer in a local hostelry, and to have a bit of quiet time in the chapel before the ceremony. St Paul’s Cathedral weddings are only for those either with or associated with being awarded an OBE or an MBE. Barney’s father was the proud recipient in this case.

I’m pleased to say that I have photographed several weddings at St Paul’s, and it is always an awe inspiring space. We were allowed to photograph Anna and Barney in the cathedral after the ceremony, and I always love the contrast of small people in a huge space. Then it was onwards to the Victory Services Club, with a quick stop for some portraits by the Serpentine in Hyde Park. A fabulous day, it was an honour to be part of it.

Here’s their story.

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Here is a fabulous slideshow of Anna and Barney’s Wedding

Anna’s dress is by Sassi Holford

Anna’s flowers are by Prewett Miller Flowers

Swing Unlimited Big Band

St Paul’s Cathedral

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