Shendish Manor | Lea and Daniel

September 18, 2011

Shendish Manor | Lea and Daniel | A Hertfordshire Wedding

True, I’m sure, of many Hertfordshire wedding photographers, I am always delighted to work at venues that recommend me, and I found myself with Lea and Daniel for their Jewish wedding ceremony at the wonderful Shendish Manor.

The origins of the Shendish name go back to Norman times, when William the Conqueror’s brother is believed to have sub-let the farmhouse which was on the site to one Ralf de Chenduit, whose surname became corrupted over time to the current Shendish pronunciation. In 1853 it was acquired by wealthy Charles Longman, of publishing fame. Charles had the farmhouse demolished and the present Shendish Manor erected on the site. It remained in the Longman family until the 1930s, having been used during the first world war as an army camp through which some 20,000 soldiers passed. In 1994 it was transformed into one of Hertfordshire’s leading wedding venues, now in 150 acres, ideal for my contemporary wedding photography, including a top-class hotel and golf course.

Lea was determined to have her ceremony outside in the lovely grounds of Shendish, despite the very showery weather, and it was a last minute decision to stay outdoors. It was the right call, as the rain held off, the chuppah wasn’t blown away, and the ceremony was bathed in sunshine. My good friend Louise at Louise Marie Couture made Lea’s beautiful gown, and Lea looked stunning. Daniel and the boys looked very handsome in their morning suits.

Lea and Daniel were brilliant in front of the camera, all the more relaxed as we had done their pre-wedding portrait session a month or two ago down in Borough Market, in London, where they had originally met each other. As usual, my combination of reportage photography and contemporary wedding portraits at Shendish Manor worked well for Lea and Dan, and a fantastic day was had by all.

Here are some favourites… do leave a comment.


Pensacola Wedding Photographers
00:09 October 18, 2011

Nicely done! You are an inspiration to wedding photographers such as myself. I love the pic with the shutter drag. Keep it up!

Melissa- California Wedding Photographer
00:34 September 29, 2011

Beautiful wedding, the photos are very elegant!

Houston Wedding Photographer
15:30 September 26, 2011

Excellent tones and comp. Very appealing. I especially like the use of available light, great focusing technique and your subjects appear natural and at ease. Nicely done.


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