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We now offer exclusively Queensberry wedding albums. Your wedding album is a collection of wonderful memories of your wedding day celebrations. These beautiful New Zealand photo albums will become family heirlooms, social documents of our time, and precious records of your day spent with your dearest families and closest friends. Queensberry albums are hand-made works of art designed to display your wedding photography at it’s very best. These luxury wedding albums are only available through professional photographers.


Queensberry Wedding Albums two sides spread


Queensberry Wedding Album types

We offer two types of album – the traditional matted style, and the contemporary flushmount style, shown here.

The traditional matted albums have the photographic prints secured to the page by card windows known as mats. This makes the leaves quite thick, and the album is substantial.

The contemporary flushmount style album has the photographic prints mounted directly onto thin card, and the images can be flush with the side edges, and go across the centre fold, hence the flushmount style. The finished album is more like a photographic book, and will fit onto your book shelves comfortably.


Queensberry Wedding Albums detail


There is much confusion within the album industry over what to call a ‘page’.  Some companies call a leaf a page, some call a side a page. After much thought, we have settled on ‘side’ as our reference for a single surface on which to mount an image.  Two sides make a spread.  An album with 30 sides has 15 spreads.

We offer three sizes of Queensberry album:  10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 15″.  By far the most popular is the 12″ x 12″.


Queensberry Wedding Albums translucent front page


Queensberry Wedding Albums Prices

All our albums are offered with 30 sides of images as a starting point. You can have up to 60 sides (30 spreads) in an album, and extra sides are priced according to the size of the album. If you like our most popular album, the 12” x12” with 30 sides, it costs £950.

If, as we hope, you love all your photos, you can have more images than will fit onto 30 sides by buying more sides. Extra sides for the 12” x 12” album are £70 per pair.  We charge ‘per pair’ as you cannot have a single side in an album, it’s a physical impossibility!

As an example, you may settle on enough images to warrant an extra six sides. This is three pairs. So 3 x £70 is £210. Your album will be £950 plus £210, so the total will be £1160.

Don’t forget your parents, they will want an album of their own. We can have a duplicate of your album made, either the same size or smaller, or your parents can have their own bespoke luxury wedding albums with their choice of images.


Queensberry Wedding Albums with added words, flushmount only


The design process

To begin, select your favourite images. If you need a number, aim for about 100, but you can have as many as you like.

My designs average 3 images per side, so that will give you a guide as to the number of images that comfortably fit into a number of sides. A 30 side album will comfortably hold 90 images, maybe 100 or so at a push.

Send me the list of image numbers, quoting the first three digits. Tell me which style of album you prefer, and I will have a draft layout created for you. Don’t be alarmed if my draft layout has more sides than the 30 included.

The design process is work in progress, is a collaboration between us, and will be adjusted according to your choices and your budget. I typically do two amendments to a design before ordering the album.

If you do not wish to purchase any extra pages, I will try and fit your choices into fewer sides.  However, you may need to further revise your choices.

When you are happy with the design, I will ask you to sign off the design, literally by signing the printed proof and returning it to me, or by emailing your explicit approval. The album takes about two months to create.

You are welcome to collect your album from me, or I can arrange delivery by Parcel Force for £30.


Queensberry Wedding Albums beautiful presentation Queensberry Wedding Albums cover embossing


I do urge you to consider having a printed wedding album. Although you’ll receive your wedding photos as digital image files, the storage and safe-keeping of those files is not permanent. Choosing your favourite images for a photographically printed album means you’ll have your most precious images bound into a beautiful wedding album that will last for several generations. A beautiful wedding album is something that will never be surpassed by out-dated technology. You’ll show your album to your friends and relatives, and you’ll look through it on your anniversary. You will remember your wedding day through your album. Your children will experience the thrill of seeing you on your wedding day, along with their young looking grandparents, aunts and uncles. And those outfits!

You can choose your images and have your album made up to a year after your wedding. It’s an ideal first anniversary gift to yourselves – it’s ‘paper’ after all!


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