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May 6, 2015

One Great George Street Weddings ballroom

“Dear Steve, Thank you so much for the photos. We have just looked through them, they are so lovely. We really enjoyed re-living the day through the images. Thank you both so so much for all your efforts, service and fantastic photos!” Dalia & Imran

As One Great George Street Weddings go, Dalia and Imran’s was a beautiful pot-pourri of culture and style. Dalia’s family are from Jordan, and Imran’s are from India, with Arabic, Eastern and Western influences in the mix.

To further the cultural combinations, Imran proposed to Dalia in Holland Park, London, on the Japanese Kyoto Bridge. Dalia was completely caught unaware, and surprised herself by bursting into tears. From amongst the crowds of onlookers and people pointing at Imran down on one knee, they persuaded someone to take a photo of them both to record the day for posterity. Photography is important to this lovely couple, and we had the pleasure of almost unlimited time to create glamorous portraits of them throughout the day. This is as well as our usual documentary coverage of the day’s activities.

Recording the occasion for posterity is something I bang on about all the time, but we are living through a digital vacuum where our photos are simply going to disappear unless we print them. All our family photos, birthdays, weddings, graduations, newborns, Christmases, weddings (did I already say that) – all these important historical records of our time will be lost unless they are printed. That’s it. Hard drives will fail, Facebook and Instagram will change, or disappear too, and what will be left?

Your fabulous wedding album for a start – beautiful, hand-made, built to last over 200 years. A true record of one of the most important days in your life, your first family heirloom, whatever your cultural heritage, to be handed down through the generations. Dalia and Imran know this – here is the next chapter in their story.

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One Great George Street, London

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