January 26, 2016


I’m a story teller – every wedding I photograph is a story, and every portrait tells a story too. I make sense of the world through images and stories, and I am never without a camera.

Each year I set myself a goal – a project to get my teeth into that satisfies the other photographer in me, the everything-that’s-not-weddings photographer. Last year I created portraits of every close member of my and Amanda’s family – 58 of us. The project was called Significance, and each person was photographed holding something significant to them. They then wrote a few words about why that item was so special to them. You can see the images here.

This year’s project is also about stories, but real life, everyday stories that often go unnoticed. Life just happens, but if we blink, we’ll miss it. I want to record and preserve more of my life’s stories – personal stories, family stories and silly stories – and here is where I’ll keep them. Just a few images, and a few choice words.

It’s a bit of an experiment, so let’s see how it goes. With any luck I’ll become a better and braver story teller as time goes by. Here’s an easy one to start with…


Walking in the mud.

Heartwood is to be a new forest, genuinely brand new. Eventually it will be the biggest new forest in Britain. A while ago Amanda and I spent a day planting 100 saplings, along with many others digging for Britain, and in time the young trees will join with the established woods to become a contiguous forest.

It’s my favourite local place to walk the pesky dog Bracken. Away from the roads, it’s quiet, with open stretches of grassland too, and at the moment, very muddy. But it’s so good to stretch our legs, breathe the air, talk and walk and talk, undoing a little of the week’s stresses.

Manda suggests a coffee in the pub on the way home. Such a small thing, such a treat.

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