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August 31, 2016


Merriscourt Weddings

Jo and Rich found me by happy accident really. Many moons ago, in another life way before Merriscourt weddings came along, I used to photograph corporate bods for annual reports and social responsibility documents. One of the best designers that I worked with was a lovely lady called Sarah Rothwell. Spin forward about fifteen years and she has recommended me to her brother who’s getting married. And here we are. Sarah is the images below – you can’t miss her – red dress, red hat, dualling with a knife and fork at one point! And boy am I glad to be in this life documenting days like this!

Jo and Rich were brilliant – unflapped, funny, always smiling, laughing with and at each other. Jo looked amazing in her Emma Hunt dress, as she splashed in to the ceremony through the rain to happily accept Rich’s ring squeezed onto her finger. Somehow even that moment was funny, with Rich pulling a face and with one dad in tears and the other about to cheer!

Weddings at Merriscourt take place in beautifully converted barns and farm buildings, with enough indoor space to have separate ceremony and reception rooms. So there is no time wasted flipping rooms and furniture. Even on a wet day like this, Merriscourt can comfortably house everyone in the warm and dry.

We created a fabulous Photofilm for Jo and Rich, a stills slideshow with spoken words recorded and edited into the soundtrack. You can see and hear it here.

‘Thanks very much Steve! They look fab, great memories of the day!’ Jo and Rich

Merriscourt-1 Merriscourt-2 Merriscourt-3 Merriscourt-4 Merriscourt-5 Merriscourt-6 Merriscourt-7 Merriscourt-8 Merriscourt-9 Merriscourt-10 Merriscourt-11 Merriscourt-12 Merriscourt-13 Merriscourt-14 Merriscourt-15 Merriscourt-16 Merriscourt-17 Merriscourt-18 Merriscourt-19 Merriscourt-20 Merriscourt-21 Merriscourt-22 Merriscourt-23 Merriscourt-24 Merriscourt-25 Merriscourt-26 Merriscourt-27 Merriscourt-28 Merriscourt-30 Merriscourt-32 Merriscourt-33 Merriscourt-34 Merriscourt-35 Merriscourt-36 Merriscourt-37 Merriscourt-38 Merriscourt-39 Merriscourt-40 Merriscourt-41 Merriscourt-42 Merriscourt-43

Jo dress is by Emma Hunt

Flowers by Tigerlily

Music supplied by The Kicks

Merriscourt Weddings

Paul Rogers
10:13 September 1, 2016

I love that pensive look on Rich's face as Jo and her Dad arrive for the ceremony - great story telling pictures!

    12:27 September 7, 2016

    Thanks Paul, much appreciated!


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