Louise and Steve

July 2, 2010

One of the best things (apart from all the obvious things – of which there were many) about Louise and Steve’s wedding was the fact that Louise was awarded her degree during her reception. She got a First Class Honours. I was almost more impressed with that than I was with the wedding itself – well, it was close.

But I know how much effort goes into learning as an adult, I have friends and family who have done MBAs and post-graduates and masters. It’s tough, especially while trying to live your life as near to normal as possible. You can’t, actually. And then you go and organise a wedding. At the same time as your finals…

My heart goes out to you, Louise, you did so well.

Here are just a few teasers from your fabulous day…

Flowers designed by Sue Tatton 01892 784924
Wedding Planning by Louise Robinson 0208 374 1663
Dress designed by Elizabeth Todd
Cake supplied by Posh Puds 01797 230 357

Houston Wedding Photographer
03:59 August 1, 2010

Talk about vibrant colors! Great use of light here. I'm sure your clients were extremely happy. Keep up the good work.

Washington DC Wedding Photographer
20:34 July 26, 2010

Love the unique placement of the details, get images, love the last one.

Adam Cavanagh
13:24 July 11, 2010

Awesome work. Love that dance shot :)


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