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Every wedding has a feeling, a kind of tone or vibration. Some are high pitched, some are a bit discordant, some are fast and buzzy. Jill and Jon’s One Great George Street wedding was definitely calm and steady, in a kind of laid back mellow jazz sort of way.

As brides go, Jill was one of the most relaxed on her wedding day that I have seen. She and her dad even ventured into the ceremony room to have a mooch around, and practice their walk up the aisle before anyone arrived. Jon was cool, calm and collected, and well looked after by his posse of grooms-men at The London Park Plaza Hotel. Jill even had time to sit and jot down a few thoughts about the speech she was to make later. It even turned out the the collective mums and dads had become good friends too, another harmonious element to mix in to the score of the day. It was smiles all round as the ceremony arrived at it’s crescendo, and Jill and Jon were proclaimed married, to much applause and cheering. If the guests had held up phone lights I wouldn’t have been surprised!

The team at One Great George Street were perfection embodied, with smooth and seamless transitions from one part of the day to the next. Altogether a very well orchestrated day


One Great George Street Wedding
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One Great George Street

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