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A Mayfair Library Wedding

“Dear Steve, hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours started beautifully having received the photographs… They are quite simply breathtaking… You’ve captured memories and those token special moments beautifully, we just keep going back over and over again to look at them. The photos of just Ahsan and I allow us to relive those special brief periods of time, again and again every time we look at them… Thank you!” Nadia & Ahsan 

A Mayfair Library Wedding

It’s always important that I connect with my clients on some level before the wedding day. We almost always meet at a mutually convenient watering hole, a nice hotel usually, to have a coffee or a glass of something sustaining. I ask lots of questions – often more about themselves than the wedding.

Nadia and Ahsan were in my neighbourhood, and asked if they could swing by here for our meeting.

Well, Amanda and I had just taken on a new dog – Bracken. He’s a boy. A handful. Inquisitive would be an understatement. He has endless energy, and will sit, on command, for about three nanoseconds.

So my meeting was accompanied with his wailing from the other room – until Nadia, very kindly suggested that I just bring him in to say Hi. You’re sure? I said. Yes, we love dogs and have a busy Springer Spaniel called Rapha. Ok, here’s Bracken, I said, and half closed my eyes expecting the jumping up mayhem that wouldn’t normally endear me to potential new clients.

Well, within seconds Nadia and Ahsan were sitting on the floor with Bracken, being happily licked to pieces and covered in flying dog hair. They loved him, and I loved them for it. We did talk a bit about wedding photography, but mostly we talked about our dogs and how important they are in our lives. We all connected, I was very please to be commissioned for their wedding, and the results are here for you to see.

Perhaps I’ll take Bracken to all my meetings…

Mayfair Library

28 Portland Place

The Langham Hotel

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