Image of the Week

My Image of the Week is this purely documentary wedding photograph, taken after the wedding breakfast and before the dancing began. The bride Becky is playing hide and seek with her young bridesmaid Niamh while everyone enjoys their coffees, oblivious to the high drama unfolding! Completely undirected by me, this is a caught moment of delight between the two of them, with Niamh counting down as Becky went to hide.

The strong diagonal line moving from lower left, through Niamh and directly across to Becky gives the image a good dynamic. The key figures both occupy spaces roughly one third and two thirds across the image, both laterally and vertically, which is often a pleasing compositional arrangement. Niamh’s arms echo the shape of the chair beside her and create a visual bounce into the picture.

Converting the image to black and white reduces the visual clutter of the room, and allows me to emphasise the two key elements, Niamh and Becky. I used a vignette to darken the edges and bring the viewer further into the image.

The settings on the 5D3 were ISO 1600, 24mm lens, shot at f4.0 at 1/640th second. Black and white conversion made in Adobe Lightroom 4.

You can see more of Becky and Tom’s wedding in my blog post here. As always, do sign up for email updates to receive my wedding stories hot off the press!


Image of the week 15


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