Hertfordshire Wedding Venue Shendish Manor | Trishna and Sanjeev

April 28, 2016


Married cheer at Hertfordshire wedding venue Shendish Manor

” Thanks Steve! You and Rupa were incredible and really brought a great energy to the photos as well as to our special day! Everyone loved your professionalism mixed with fun – so thank you!” Trish and Sanj

Hertfordshire Wedding Venue Shendish Manor

Hertfordshire wedding venue Shendish Manor is a favourite haunt of mine, and despite shooting a lot there, it is an infinitely variable backdrop for any flavour of celebration. Trish and Sanj managed to squeeze two ceremonies into their Hertfordshire wedding day, and Trish elegantly squeezed into three gorgeous dresses for the three parts of this special celebration.

The first ceremony took place at the Brent Sikh Centre, with the two families meeting outside to formally hug and greet each other, with a bit of laughter and teasing thrown in. Everyone then made their way up to the ceremony room to await Trishna’s arrival. It was lovely to see smiles from everyone throughout the ceremony! Rupa and I were welcomed as the photographers, and as long as we kept to the sides we could photograph as much as we needed to.

Then after a break for lunch, it was over to that fabulous Hertfordshire wedding venue known as Shendish Manor. A change into her white wedding dress and Trish was ready for the civil ceremony, and walking up the aisle on her father’s arm was almost too much for her. The relief at the announcement that they were officially man and wife was palpable.

The team Shendish Manor are great at managing large colourful weddings, with plenty of experience and a spacious venue. Sanjeev’s exciting day was rounded of with cake, speeches and full on dancing – oh, and being serenaded by Trish. It doesn’t get any better.

Here are their highlights ๐Ÿ™‚

Bridal preparations at Hertfordshire wedding venue Shendish Manor Mehndi hands at Hertfordshire venue Shendish ManorHertfordshire wedding venue with bridesmaidsThe groom arrives for Asian wedding ceremony The priest reads to the couple The bride smiles at her groom The grooms father congratulates the couple Couple portraits at Hertfordshire wedding venue Hertfordshire wedding venue couple portraits Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-12 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-13 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-14 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-23 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-24 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-25 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-26 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-27 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-28 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-31 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-32 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-33 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-34 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-35 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-36 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-37 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-38 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-39 Hertfordshire-wedding-venue-40

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