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Image of the Week #6

This is such a fun image of the week for you – a wonderful spontaneous moment caught with purely reportage wedding photography – no setting up. The little boy’s mum had already chased him round the tree, so anticipating him coming around again I ran to catch him coming towards me.

I wanted a low camera angle so I could see his face, and I also wanted his mum in the shot to tell the story – she wants her hat back! The trick was not to get his mum directly behind him, so I had to hold my nerve for a split second while he crossed the frame from left to right, and shoot the instant everything fell into place – the decisive moment, as coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, probably the world’s most famous exponent of reportage photography. I love their smiles – each of them enjoying the chase!

Using manual exposure, I kept the exposure set up I had been using for some other family portraits under the tree, and with the shutter at 200th I knew I’d get a reasonably sharp image. The ISO was 800, and the aperture was f4.5, all on my 24mm lens. I don’t like to tilt the camera normally, but it happened as I half crouched, and I decided not to correct it  by cropping. I feel that in this case the tilt adds a little dynamism to the shot, and works well with the diagonal slope of the hat, and each of their raised knees.

I hope you like the image – as always, do leave a comment!

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

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new look blog

As you may have noticed, I have been a slacker at posting recently. But not without reason.

Here is my new-look blog, with all sorts of new features to show off my photographs. I can now have slideshows and galleries, and drop-down menus with portfolio material for you to see. I can add music now, although that’s on page two of the manual… All in good time.

Any feedback is most welcome as always.

I am proud to say that I have been accepted as a member of the prestigious International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, ISPWP. This is a group of wedding photographers that selects only the best from amongst their peers from around the world.

“Quite simply, the best wedding photographers in the world

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is a rarity among online wedding photography directories. We’re small. We’re exclusive. We’re picky. We are a worldwide group of top professional wedding photographers who have the experience, talent, and reputation to deliver outstanding wedding photography to our clients.

When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you are hiring with confidence because every member has met our high standards for membership”

Members must have experience, talent, integrity, professionalism and provide references, as well as abide by the ISPWP code of conduct. I’m delighted to be part of this new gang, and hope my potential clients of the future are impressed too.

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