Dodgy Dogs and Psycho Cyclists

August 15, 2017

I’m nearly at the end of my sunny summer chemo holiday and I’ve loved every second of it. Every day I’m out cycling or walking, and smoothie making like crazy. Still no alcohol, hardly any caffeine (nobody’s perfect!) as little sugar as possible, and at least seven a day fruit and veg. I feel as fit as I did three years ago when I was last cycling regularly, and before All Of This started. It’s only now I’m beginning to realise how long this downhill slope has been, culminating in the chronic anaemia and Everything Else earlier this year. I’m almost at my target of cycling fifty miles, then I’ll be aiming for eighty. (Do follow me on Strava if you fancy.)

I’ve just had another CT scan and once again had my blood taken for testing. Now we wait. It is the worst part – fearful and hopeful at the same time.

The meeting with the oncologist is in two weeks, by then he will have evaluated the scan and worked out a new chemotherapy regime for me. Hopefully not as powerful and as overwhelming as before, but at least as effective! Maybe another three x three weekly cycles of chemo then another break. I dream of being in remission, hoping the tumours have stayed in their reduced state and remain manageable. Everyone says how well I look, but as we know, appearances can be deceptive. We’ll see.

These photos are from a lovely walk I did with Jon along the canal tow-path from Kings Cross almost to Mile End in east London, dodging dodgy dogs and psycho cyclists. The bike on the narrowboat is identical to one I used to own years ago and loved very much, which was stolen. Perhaps that’s it.


19:50 August 20, 2017

I love the way the people are coordinated (effortlessly!) with the background. Fab post as ever Steve

Louise Moore
08:45 August 20, 2017

Beautiful life capturing photos as always Steve. It's 7 years ago today since you captured our wedding day so truthfully in Burford, I look forward to watching our slideshow later as we do so often on our anniversary. I am so glad to have read your summer posts and seen such positive progress for you personally and such happy news for your family. We send our very best wishes...Louise and Paul xx

14:28 August 17, 2017

Good to know you are feeling so well. Will be in touch when I am in the UK next month

08:09 August 17, 2017

You're a beacon of hope and strength Steve. Keep on doing what you're doing. Love ya ??

20:51 August 15, 2017

Wonderful blog, superb colours, great spirit, await seeing you in Wales! Inspired as always! x

17:20 August 15, 2017

Lovely story and pics... I remember your flat by the park and the fantastic evenings we spent there ... take care x

    18:08 August 15, 2017

    Thank you Caroline, we should get together again - much to reminisce!

Paul Alan Putnam
16:40 August 15, 2017

Hey Steve, love your pics, love your strength. You're an inspiration. Stay strong. Lots of love.

    18:07 August 15, 2017

    Thank you so much Paul!


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