Brocket Hall Wedding | Alice and David

September 27, 2016


A Brocket Hall Wedding

I shoot weddings at Brocket Hall here in sunny Hertfordshire several times a year. Every Brocket Hall wedding is unique – there is not a single element repeated. Each lovely couple bring their own brand of uniqueness to each occasion, and even if they could all choose exactly the same styling, their own character/energy/vibe/charisma would always make the day a one-off.

Alice and David were utterly unique, mostly with their own entirely mutual sense of humour, they were permanently smiling with each other, at each other, and with all their friends and family – who were a very smiley bunch too. In fact there aren’t many images here where there isn’t someone smiling. If a car could smile, here it would.

As would Brocket Hall itself, now out of it’s difficult patch, with an assured future likely to entice more smiley couples to have their wedding day celebrations at this spectacular historical house. Easily able to cope with rainy days and sunny days, the interiors match the rolling exterior for photogenic backdrops. We are spoilt for choice, but the curvaceous Palladian bridge is a must-have location for couples’ wedding day portraits. And with the head butler Alan running the day, with his years of experience with all events at the house, this Brocket Hall wedding ran faultlessly, needless to say.

The stunning floristry is by my good friend Yvonne at Lanshire Flowers – awesome is an understatement! She is able to fill a venue with colour and scent without being overwhelming, the perfect balance between spectacle and jungle!

Finally, that dress. They often say the dress chooses the bride, and the dress made a good choice in Alice. From the designer selection at Mignonette.

Here is Alice and David’s wedding day story 🙂

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Alice’s gorgeous dress is by Mignonette

Alice’s Make Up by Niki Lawrence

Floristry by Yvonne at Lanshire Floral Design

The fab videographers are Pretty In White

The band is The Killer Groove

Amazing hand cut silhouettes by Alison Russell

Click on the images below to see Alice and David’s beautiful Queensberry album pages:

“WOW! The album is incredible, we are speechless and can’t thank you enough for creating such a special memory for us both.”

Alice and Dave

Rob Dunlop
07:39 November 6, 2016

Amazing images Steve! You have ninja skills, lots of great moments captured with wonderful precision and style. Congrats :)

    10:12 November 7, 2016

    Thank you Rob, that's much appreciated!

Neale James
06:04 September 29, 2016

Super angles on this Steve, such as the car from behind a cross - great context.

Paul Rogers
21:30 September 28, 2016

Really love that moment you caught with David's hand round Alice's waist during the ceremony.

Adams Wedding Photography
09:20 September 28, 2016

Beautiful colours and lovely moments , well done Steve !!!

06:59 September 28, 2016

Just lovely, what fabulous locations and that dress!

    08:37 September 28, 2016

    I know - that dress :)

15:44 September 27, 2016

Loads of awesome moments Steve! Nice job!

    20:47 September 27, 2016

    Thank you Matt!


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