Brocket Hall Wedding | Pasqualina and Andy

November 7, 2016

Brocket Hall Wedding couples portraits

A Brocket Hall Wedding

Most weddings are emotional events but this particular Brocket Hall wedding was especially so. Pasqualina and Andy, a couple of the utmost awesomeness, knew each other way back at school, but each went their separate ways at that stage of their lives. Many years later, they went back for a school reunion, and met up again. Talking about old times made them realise they had a lot in common, and this time they weren’t going their separate ways – they were sticking around! Their mutual love of good food, fine clothes and keeping fit made the bond permanent. They were also reunited with many old school mates who now continue to be amongst their closest friends.

Relationships make the world go round and the intensity of friendships surrounding Pasqualina and Andy made me dizzy. There wasn’t a moment when they weren’t being hugged, kissed, cuddled, or embraced in some way. The couple’s Italian heritage probably added to the passion at this particular Brocket hall wedding, and guests from all over the world brought all the more laughter and love. Pasqualina and Andy both have sons who contributed in special ways – one did a reading at the ceremony, and the other sang a song during the wedding breakfast as a surprise for the couple – he brought the house down! Max Curto was the professional singer, and together they blew everyone away, with  Max whipping everyone into a napkin-waving frenzy!

All recorded for posterity with discrete and sensitive documentary wedding photography. If you like my style of image making and think we’d be a great addition to your wedding day plans, please get in touch.


Brocket Hall Wedding bridal prep Brocket Hall Wedding bridesmaids getting ready getting ready for a Brocket Hall Wedding ready to go to a Brocket Hall Wedding The groom and his Best Man at a Brocket Hall Wedding Old friends greet at Brocket Hall Weddings The bride on her way to her Brocket Hall Wedding Walking up the aisle at her Brocket Hall Wedding brocket-hall-wedding-9 brocket-hall-wedding-10 brocket-hall-wedding-11 brocket-hall-wedding-12 brocket-hall-wedding-13 brocket-hall-wedding-14 brocket-hall-wedding-15 brocket-hall-wedding-16 brocket-hall-wedding-17 brocket-hall-wedding-18 brocket-hall-wedding-19 brocket-hall-wedding-20 brocket-hall-wedding-21 brocket-hall-wedding-23 brocket-hall-wedding-24 brocket-hall-wedding-25 brocket-hall-wedding-26 brocket-hall-wedding-27 brocket-hall-wedding-28 brocket-hall-wedding-29 brocket-hall-wedding-30 brocket-hall-wedding-31 brocket-hall-wedding-32 brocket-hall-wedding-33 brocket-hall-wedding-34 brocket-hall-wedding-35 brocket-hall-wedding-36 brocket-hall-wedding-37 brocket-hall-wedding-38 brocket-hall-wedding-39 brocket-hall-wedding-40 brocket-hall-wedding-41 brocket-hall-wedding-42

Fabulous floristry by Lanshire Floral Designs

The elegant Brocket Hall

Amazing vocalist Max Curto

Beautiful wedding cake by Jip’s Cakes

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