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October 20, 2016



Bluebell Railway Weddings -1

Bluebell Railway Weddings

Bluebell Railway weddings and the great age of steam! Somehow time appeared to pass more slowly in those romantic far off days, and there seemed to be more time, not less, when we could all think without being rushed off towards the next thing to do. Jenny and Simon’s Bluebell Railway wedding day was perfectly time-tabled, with the boys travelling by steam train to Horsted Keynes, and the bride’s party arriving there in a beautifully restored vintage coach.

The wedding ceremony was in a tiny waiting room on the platform, and Jenny arrived bang on time. It was all surprisingly moving, with Simon’s dad shedding an emotional tear, while Jenny’s mum was, well, just thrilled and relieved for her daughter.

We all jostled around each other for Jenny and Simon’s walk down the tiny aisle, almost single file, and out onto the platform for their well-deserved glass of champagne. There was time allowed for canapés, mingling and speeches, before the arrival of a rather special train, driven by two sooty engineers wearing bridal veils, which only minutes before would have been white! All aboard for a trip up the line and back for an hour or so – perfect timing for delicious afternoon tea. Bluebell Railway Weddings really do have their own time frame, where everything is at a very pleasant half speed, and even crossing from one platform to another to catch the train can be leisurely, as this was one train that would wait for you.

Arriving back where we all started (that would be a return ticket then!) Jenny and Simon were given a traditional steam railwayman’s wedding send off, an arch made of firemen’s shovels. Simon is a volunteer at The Bluebell Railway, and as a trainee engine driver (it’s a 10 year apprenticeship) he had the good wishes of all his fellow enthusiasts lining the archway. Then all opposing shovels were banged together in a metallic round of applause. Bluebell Railway weddings are quirky, special and somehow timeless.

Here is their story 🙂

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Jenny’s dress is by FairyGothMother

Jenny’s make up is by Stephanie Dorelli

The Bluebell Railway

You can see Jenny and Simon’s Wedding Slideshow here

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19:13 October 23, 2016

Amazing photos Steve, love the slideshow :)!!!

11:46 October 20, 2016

Stunning work Steve, what a lovely location for a wedding.

    13:01 October 20, 2016

    Cheers Simon!

11:24 October 20, 2016

This is really rather lovely! I really like the vintage look and feel to this set. Fab!

    11:27 October 20, 2016

    Thank you Mona!

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