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November 18, 2014

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“Thank you so much, Steve,you have captured the fun and joy of the day beautifully! :)”

Amanda and Ravi’s wedding celebrations took place over great distances. 5351 miles, to be precise. They live across the pond, and then some, in San Francisco, and our long distance relationship started with a Skype call. And to add to the mix, Amanda is English, and Ravi is Indian, so both are a long way from home. And Axnoller weddings are not local – Dorset is almost abroad!

Axnoller is one of those amazing venues which starts off as a blank canvas. The marquee and everything in it gets shipped in, sourced from, well, anywhere. So distance is a factor, although not a limitation! I decided to drive down the day before and stay over. As bad luck would have it, a bank holiday weekend was looming, so a two hour drive became five – our cosy B and B was never more welcome when we finally arrived.

So everything came together,  from near and far, to make the perfect wedding day, outdoors in the sunshine. The Humanist celebrant Peter was charm and kindness embodied, and the words spoken by Amanda and Ravi to each other were moving and thoughtful. Axnoller weddings have a charm of their own.

And later, after a spectacular first dance straight out of Strictly, Amanda and Ravi were treated to a flash mob dance by about twenty of their friends, which blew everyone away. Imagine rehearsing that over long distance!

Here is their story 🙂 Axnoller WeddingsAxnoller Weddings

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