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This image was taken in an area we often visit, Batchwood, on the edge of St Albans in Hertfordshire, while walking our dog. The view is looking south-west towards the Gorehambury Estate. I love the shape of the trees, and the slight softening you get at this time of year when the new leaf buds are starting to swell – the outline of the trees isn’t as stark as in the early winter.

My Image of the Week is a novel one for me – it was taken on my iPhone. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.This is a good example of Hertfordshire photography – the almost flat landscape, rolling gently, big skies.

Making the photo was almost too easy – it would have taken me hours in a traditional darkroom. Having seen the shot, and knowing it would be a silhouette, I processed it with software I have on the phone, first converting it to black and white, then using filters to add grain and drama. Ta-daa! And if you’re thinking this is another nail in the coffin of photography, oh no, this is the beginning of  a whole new era of spontaneous creativity and image sharing. Bring it on!

Hertfordshire photographers

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