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Louise and Paul’s pre-wedding portraits

We had such a laugh doing these pre-wedding portraits, but I’m feeling slightly guilty because we got told off, in a very nice way, by the farmer who owned the corn fields. He was very understanding, and completely saw why we were so drawn to his beautiful fields. I know I should have got written permission three months in advance, but sometimes uninhibited spontaneity takes over…

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Jemma and Phil

Wow, what a day! Jemma and Phil met while driving Land-Rovers through muddy puddles, and they were determined to re-live that moment on their wedding day. After the ceremony we flew in a helicopter from the village cricket green, over the village to Jemma’s parents’ house and landed in the field opposite. Waiting to meet us, was the fabulous Pink Land-Rover that Phil had built over the last year as a gift to Jemma. And so we went off-roading…

Here are just a few from that exciting day.

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Caroline and Akeem

We met to recce the venue and take some pre-wedding portraits, but it was a lovely chance to get to know each other a little – for me, that is, not them. I think they know each other pretty well by now. Anyway, Caroline had booked me at the National Wedding Fair way back at the beginning of the year, and this was our first meeting since then.

Caroline and Akeem are such a modest couple, and so funny and kind as well. Caroline insisted that I had salmon and salad on her wedding day – she already had me down as a no meat man! We had only a little time to do some quiet pre-wedding shots, and Caroline was kind enough to compliment me on the passion I have for photographing people. I guess it peeps through sometimes.

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