Monthly Archives: April 2010

Jemma and Phil’s pre-wedding portrait session

Jemma and Phil’s wedding will not be conventional in many ways – it will involve a great many Land-Rovers, a quarry and a helicopter. I can’t wait! We met up for our pre-wedding portraits session down in Somerset, and after a look round the beautiful St George’s Church we went over to the quarry where we are all excited about creating amazing photos on the wedding day. I love the contrast of old and new, clean and dirty, and of things taken out of context – Jemma in her wedding dress standing next to an earth mover! So here are some fab portraits taken of Jemma and Phil as a warm up for the main event in July.

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Sasha and Miles

Sasha and Miles and I met at Luton Hoo for our recce and pre-wedding portraits session. This is a new venue for me and I’m very excited about shooting there. It’s a huge and glorious place, with room enough for several small towns within it’s grounds. We were driven in a Luton Hoo black taxi cab (well, dark green actually, branding and all) from one end to the other to see it all. Fantastic. We started our photo session in the hidden sunken garden, complete with grotto, and went up to the terrace and pagoda/pavilion/pergola/whatsit where the light was sublime. Enjoy the pictures.

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Marie and Michael pre-wedding portrait session

I met Marie and Michael for a quick recce of their venue at St Michael’s Manor Hotel, then we set about taking some their pre-wedding portraits. After a slightly self-conscious start, only to be expected, they loosened up and we had a really good session. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen here in St Albans, with no aircraft noise or contrails in the sky, just blue blue sky. We all found it to be a great way of settling in to photography together, and I’m really looking forward to their wedding day in July.

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